Workout Journal - Stressed out (20 April 2012)

    The only form of exercise I got in today was some moderate paced cardio on the elliptical this morning before breakfast. For the rest of the day I was flat out at uni and to be honest I’ve never felt so mentally and emotionally drained. Not being able to workout is realy getting me down, and although I’m trying to keep positive I can’t help it sometimes. I’m having an ultrasound on my elbow next Thursday and an appointment with my GP so hopefully I can get the ball rolling. In the meantime I’m going to keep up the cardio, work abs and maybe my calves as well (they’ve always been a weak point). 

    • 2 years ago

    Workout Journal - 20 Minute Jog (19 April 2012)

    Felt so good, I’ve really gotta start running more.

    • 2 years ago

    Lost 1kg This Week

    This week I’m down to 76.1 kg from 77.1 kg last week. I’m losing weight at a really steady pace so I’m happy. I don’t think I’ll keep in this calorie deficit for too many more weeks now but it all depends on when I can start lifting again. I’ll upload a progress picture sometime this week.

    • 2 years ago

    Workout Journal - Chest and Abs Circuit (16 April 2012)

    Energy: Low
    Total time: 23 minutes

    As hard as it is, I’m keeping away from lifting for the entire week to help my forearm heal. To keep me sane I had a bodyweight workout instead which consisted of pushup variations and ab exercises all performed back to back. I repeated the following circuit three times with no rest in between exercises:

    1. Pushups: 30/20/15
    2. Crunches: 30/25/25
    3. Diamond pushups: 15/12/12
    4. Reverse crunches: 20/15/15
    5. Wide pushups: 20/15/15
    6. Bicycle crunches: 15/15/15

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    The Past Three Days

    Apologies for being so quiet lately. To be honest with you I’ve been really unmotivated over the past few days and couldn’t be bothered posting anything. Let me fill you in on what’s happened since my last post:

    • I went to Fremantle with my girlfriend and found an awesome raw food cafe
    • Going against what I said I had a light upper body workout using heaps of supersets
    • I had a bunch of morning cardio sessions
    • My forearm continued to be the biggest pain in the arse
    • I studied
    • I was taken to a strange cafe in the city and had my cheat meal a day early
    • I almost binged on two whole packets of Oreos, but instead had a cup-a-soup and toast (I’m hardcore)
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    Cutting Progress - Week 5

    Today I weighed in at 77.1 kg, the same weight I was when I weighed myself about six days ago. That’s okay though, because scale weight isn’t my biggest concern. Visibly I can see my body fat levels dropping steadily so I’m happy with my progress so far. I’m having some bad cravings lately but I’m hanging in there and still eating clean and hitting the cardio regularly. 

    The only set back right now is my forearm which has flared up quite badly, and my physio has urged me to to step back from the weights for the next 6 - 7 days. I’ll still keep the cardio up, and I’ll perform some bodyweight movements throughout the week to tie me over. When I do go back to lifting I’m going to have to go back to even lighter weights to and really get back on top of this golfers elbow.

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    Workout Journal - Deadlifts (11 April 2012)

    Energy: Drained
    Total time: 1 hour including warmup 

    1. Deadlifts: 17/12/8 @ 75 kg
    2. BB split squats: 15/15/12 @ 35 kg
    3. Leg curls: 15/10/8 @ 42.5 kg
    4. Leg extensions: 17/12/12 @ 55 kg
    5. Single leg calf raises: 13/10/8 @ BW + 3 kg

    • Finished with a burnout set of 20 BW calf raises 
    I’ve had a stressful past few days and I really wasn’t mentally prepared for this workout at all. Since lowering my calories not only has my energy dropped, but my mood is all over the place as well. I’m hoping a good nights sleep tonight and a morning jog tomorrow will help pick my mood up. 
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    Pre-Workout Meal

    In about two hours or so I’m going to have an intense leg workout. Here’s what I’m eating right now for lunch
    • 150 g Porterhouse steak
    • Cup of green beans
    • 2 wholegrain Vita-Weat Lunch Slices

    About an hour out from the workout I’ll have a black coffee, some fruit and a whey protein shake.

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    Stretching Routine for Flat Feet

    If you suffer from flat feet like me, then it’s important that you maintain flexibility in your legs. This will not only help to alleviate lower back and leg pain associated with the condition, but it’ll also help to reduce your risk of injury in the future.

    Before stretching regularly I couldn’t even run for more than 2 minutes without excruciating pain in my shins and lower back. After just a week of stretching I was able to slowly get back into running without any pain.

    Below is the routine that my physio gave to me. I suggest you try and perform it up to three times a day, but as long as you do it at least once a day you should start to see improvements.  Hold each stretch for 10 - 30 seconds, and repeat on the opposite leg (click on links for full exercise descriptions).

    The Routine

    1. Lying hamstring stretch
    2. Lying Glue stretch
    3. Kneeling hip flexor stretch
    4. ITB Stretch
    5. Standing Quad stretch
    6. Calf stretch

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    Workout Journal - High Rep Upper Body (9 April 2012)

    Energy: Good
    Start time: 4.20 pm
    Total time: 1 hour 10 min including warmup 

    1. BB bench press: 20/12/10/8 @ 62.5 kg
    2. DB rows: 15/12/12 @ 25 kg 
    3. DB shoulder press: 15/11/9 @ 25 kg 
    4. BB bent-over rows: 17/12/12 @ 47.5 kg
    5. Seated rear delt flyes: 15/12 @ 6 kg
    6. Triceps dips: 15/12 @ BW + 3 kg
    7.  Alternating DB curls: 16/12 @ 7.5 kg

    Another intense, high rep upper body workout. By the end I was drenched in sweat. 

    • 2 years ago